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A heaping supply of music and jokes so bad you can't turn away.

Metro Minute - Local news headlines at 2:50 pm and 5:50 pm

Daily WTF - Everyday around 3:20 pm, a little somethin that'll make you say: "WTF!?"


4 @ 4:00 - Each day, a listener gets to hear his/her four song choices! E-mail your artists/songs to Corey at [email protected] Let us know where you listen from, and if you have any stories behind your song choices, feel free to share em! Please include your four songs plus two alternatives (in case we can’t find one of your songs). If you have a specific date that you’d like your 4 @ 4 to air (such as birthday, anniversary, ect) please email your list well in advance. All 4 @ 4 lists are played in the order that they are received. Please, as a courtesy to getting as many listeners' 4 @ 4's played (and to my inbox), do not send me multiple 4 @ 4 lists.  In other words, please do not send me another 4 @ 4 until after your most recent one has played.  Thank you in advance for extending this courtesy.

4 @ 4 for June 27th, 2022: 

From: Tessa    Theme: A Playlist For What's Happening In America Right Now

1. XRay Spex - Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

2. Everlast - What It's Like

3. A Perfect Circle - The Doomed

4. The Interrupters - Take Back The Power


Daily Flight To Florida - There is somethin' in the water in the sunshine state.  Hear evidence of such weekdays around 4:50 pm. 

Road Rage @ 5 - One hour of  YOUR requests for the drive home