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Once The Morning Fiasco's over, Skin rolls in to get the music back on track!


Nothing but your requests at 712-328-8970 from 12noon to 1pm

Old Skool Wednesday:

It's ALL request, just like The Nooner, But we're flashing back, in a good way! ALL your favorite hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and more! As long as it's old, and it's cool, we're throwing it on!

Rock 101

Kaci Richter our resident radio professor takes you to school every weekday at 12:30 with Rock 101.  Each week she'll have a new lesson- a theme for the week.  Each day you'll learn about the theme and a band/artist that relates to it.  You'll learn a little and rock a financial aid required.

Playlist for Old Skool April 27th, 2016

  • Hour One
  1. C.O.C - Albatross
  2. Clutch - A Shogun Named Marcus
  3. Ace Frehley - Rock Soldiers
  4. Monster Magnet - Spacelord
  5. *Rock 101 – Grateful Dead - Casey Jones
  6. The Cult - Fire Woman
  7. The Offspring - Gotta Get Away
  8. System Of A Down - Sugar
  9. Reel Big Fish - Sellout
  10. Alice In Chains - Got Me Wrong (Unplugged)
  • Hour Two
  1. Prince - Purple Rain
  2. Prince - Let’s Go Crazy
  3. Prince - 1999
  4. Sheila E. - The Glamorous Life
  5. Megadeth - A Tout’ le Monde
  6. Black Sabbath - Neon Knights
  7. RATT - Way Cool Junior
  8. Bullet Boys - Smooth Up in Ya
  9. Danzig - Twist Of Cain
  10. Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline