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For 10+ years running, Planet O has been at the local music leader in the Omaha metro area. Sunday nights from 6 - 8 we hit you with two hours of nothing but Local and Regional music.

In a band? Are you an artist with new music? Want to be on Planet O? E-mail us at  No MP3's or Wave files, must be a link to current music, bio and shows. 

Planet O
2700 College Rd.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Planet O has returned with your new hosts Sara & Reily!

Playlist for Sunday, February 11th, 2017

  1. Hector Anchondo Band- Sunshine 
  2. Kevin "B.F." Burt- Making me feel 
  3. Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal - The end of the night
  4. The Hangin' Cowboys- Chasin' the sun 
  5. Crossfire CountryMusic- need to know 
  6. Wendy and the lost boys- beauty and the beast
  7. No Thanks- Jackhammer
  8. Top-notch Defective- ballad of a teenage outcast
  9. The SuperBytes- Little Bro
  10. Azimuth heliocentric- annihilation
  11. DJ Devilboy- Rifle
  12. Middle Child- You
  13. Knobbe- don't love me 
  14. Antonio Lit Jackson- Model
  15. Marcey Yates as Op2mus- Girl city
  16. Y-Incision- amputees and devotees 
  17. High Ruler- Barron awaits
  18. ORPHEUS- Walking mountain
  19. Midwest Depressed- Wont let you let me down 
  20. The Cosmic Smiths- the caramel Ocean Overture 
  21. The Real Zebos-cant get it out
  22. Fondue- Show up 
  23. HAKIM- young drifter II
  24. Suriel Jimenez- Singing