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Sunday School

Host(s): Jared Alexander


Saturday nights at mid-night, Sunday School hits you with three hours of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and more.Everything from Pantera and Cannibal Corpse to Cradle of Filth and Iron Maiden.



1:50am - Pantera Power Play - 2 in a row from Pantera!
3am - Weekly Tool Fix - Caps off the night of metal the right way, with music from Tool!

Playlist for Sunday, October 15th, 2017:

  • Hour One
  1. Slaughter To Prevail: Chronic Slaughter
  2. Dark Tranquility: Nothing To No One
  3. Criminal: Down Driven
  4. Architecs: Doomsday
  5. Cradle Of Filth: Heartbreak And Seance
  6. I Declare War: Noose
  7. Through The Eyes Of The Dead: Hate The Living
  8. Kng Parrot: Entappment
  9. Kreator: Enemy Of God
  10. Cannibal Corpse: Code Of The Slashers
  11. Winds Of Plague: Never Alone
  12. As I Lay Dying: I Never Wanted
  • Hour Two
  1. Satyricon: Deep Calleth Upon Deep
  2. Obiturary: Sentence Day
  3. Trivium: Ember To Inferno
  4. The Haunted: Strength In Numbers
  5. Primal Fear: Looks That Kill
  6. Judas Preist: Painkiller
  7. Dark Sky Chior: Like It Or Not
  8. Then Came Silence: The Dead Cry For No One
  9. Nine Inch Nails: Sin
  10. KMFDM: Hell Yeah
  11. Pantera: Hole In The Sky
  12. Pantera: Planet Caravan
  • Hour Three
  1. Arisen From Nothing: Chaos
  2. Counterparts: Bouquet
  3. Periphery: Push Pull Destroy
  4. Toothgrinder: The Shadow
  5. Kadaver: Into The Wormhole
  6. Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats: Waiting For Blood
  7. Diablo Bolevard: The Song Is Over
  8. Exumed: Defenders Of The Grave
  9. Carcass: Heartwork
  10. Black Dahlia Murder: Nightbringers
  11. Slayer: Live Undead
  12. Slayer: Die By The Sword