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Morning Fiasco

Host(s): Spicoli & Sophia and (Producer) Ryan Thomas & Taz


The Morning Fiasco weekdays 6-10am serves the “World’s Most Dangerous Audience” for 10 Years with music, insane interviews, uncensored sports break, pop culture, news and life. It’s genuine, unpredictable, at times bipolar… but our focus is funny. We always encourage your calls/sarcasm/humor or gripes at 712-328-8970 and by email.


 Spicoli Bobble Head
 Price: $75
River Human Quilt
Price: $200
River Pet Quilt
Price: $100
The quilts are one of a kind and once sold there are no more. To purchase any of these items call (712) 325-3254 or email Stephanie at


6:50 - Uncensored Sports Break - We fill you up with everything in the world of sports!

9:05 - The Pick of the Week