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Pets of the Week



There are hundreds of good animals in shelters looking for homes right now. Save an animal, make a friend for life and you won’t regret it! It’s the best kind of love around, unconditional!


Cat of the Week: AUDREY


Is a beautiful 7 year old cat that is addicted to her sweets, specifically "Ice Cream & Red Velvet Cake"! Audrey is full of fun and is easily entertained by string toys


For more information contact April at 402-208-1754





  Dog of the week: SCOOTER 

 Is a year and half old mix terrier.  His hair stands up for an instant mohawk and he has a curly cue tail that when he's happy is like a helicopter!  Scooter is very intelligent and needs a family that will challenge him. If you already have another dog and a fenced in yard, that would be perfect becauseScooter loves to run and play outside.                                                                       

Contact Mary at Muddy Paw Rescue - 402-591-9400