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Pets of the Week


There are hundreds of good animals in shelters looking for homes right now. Save an animal, make a friend for life and you won’t regret it! It’s the best kind of love around, unconditional!

Dog of the Week: Brynlee

She came with a litter of puppies, they have all been adopted and now it is her turn.  She is a beautiful 3 year old Husky & Akita Mix with a great personality.  She is eager to please and knows some basic manners. Brynlee is house trained, good with other dogs and very gentle. 

For more information on Brynlee contact Monica at



Cats of the Week: Brooke

You could say Brooke lived a gypsy life, she was found with an adult male and two kittens, who have been adopted but now it’s Brooke’s turn.  She is a domestic shorthair torbi mix, beautifully marked and super sweet.  Brooke loves feeling the wind in her whiskers and sun shining on her. So she is looking to sit in your window and feel the sun.

For more information on Brooke contact the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter at 712-328-4656