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Kids Who Rock


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If you know a “Kid Who Rocks” nominate them today!  It could be your brother or sister, son or daughter, a friend, neighbor or a complete stranger.  Just tell us why they are a kid that rocks and leave the rest to us!

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Or at Family Fun Center XL and Buffet at 108th & “L”

and online at family fun center X L dot com

Then listen every Friday at 9:20 am as the Morning Fiasco announces who the winner of the week is for…. “KIDS WHO ROCK”.

The winner gets passes to try out games and attractions at Family Fun Center XL and Buffet.  And then join the River Crew Saturday, August 23rd for a “Kid Who Rocks” celebration where all winners and their families get to come play games, eat, drink and hang out with the River crew. 

The search is on for


For more details log on to our website Brought to by Family Fun Center X L and Buffet, 108th & “L” Street and your radio station 89-7 The River