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I started my radio career right here at 89.7 The River back in 1996.  In 1999, I hit the airwaves at a couple of other stations here in town.  After well over a decade, I decided it was time to come back home, so here I am, afternoons on 89.7 The River!  Most of my free time is spent with music.  I play upright bass, mess around on the acoustic guitar, try to convince myself that I can sing, and write the occasional tune.  I keep myself busy playing with a couple of bands in town.  Things that make me strange:  I don't have television or the internet at home. I've never seen Star Wars. I don't like ketchup, at all!  Things that make me normal:   I like hot dogs with mustard, long Metallica songs, and short walks on Linoma Beach.  Oh, and snakes are pretty cool i guess.